Best Microwave Oven in India 2021

When it comes to cooking, the entire process needs to be much enjoyable and fuss-free. So, to give you an easy and tasty cooking experience, microwave ovens are one of the best appliances to opt for. From faster heating to convenient defrosting and easy cooking with various modes, microwave ovens can do it all.

However, while buying a microwave oven, it can be difficult for you to choose the right one as the market has a pool of options. So, are you wondering how to pick the best microwave oven? Well, don’t worry, here are the reviews of the 7 best microwave ovens in India 2021 that you can have an eye on.

Comparison Table

 Microwave Oven Key features
IFB 30L Convection Microwave Oven – 30SC4


30L capacity 

101 standard menus

Cooking+ grilling

Multistage cooking

Morphy Richards 27 Ltr 27CGF
27 L Capacity 

200 auto cook modes


Stainless steel design

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC28H5013AK/TL, Black)
28 L capacity 

Pre-programmed recipes

Tandoor setting

Rust resistant

Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave Oven (NN-CT645BFDG, Black, Magic Grill)
27 L Capacity 

Japanese technology for cooking

Auto-cook menu feature

Magic grill

LG 21 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2146BV, Black)



21 L capacity 

Baking + browning + pasteurizing

151 recipes

Quartz heater

Godrej 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (GME 523 CF1 RM Plain Elec, Black)


23 L Capacity 

Oil-free cooking

Baking and grilling

Child lock


AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave (Black)


23L capacity 

Baking + grilling + heating

LED display panel

Steel body

7 Best Microwave Oven in India 2021


1. IFB 30L Convection Microwave Oven – 30SC4


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Are you looking out for a microwave oven that can offer you convenient cooking in no time? Well, then the IFB 30L Convection Microwave Oven is simply the right choice for you. To meet your large family requirements, this microwave oven is created with top-notch space and functionalities.

Try your hands in delicious cooking every time with 101 standard cooking menus. Hence, exploring the fantastic flavours is no more a hard task for you.

It conveniently blends the magical microwave cooking with grill modes. Hence, cooking an aromatic and finger-licking brown meal is a task of a few minutes only.

With a double grill function, this microwave rightly knows how to distribute the heat evenly all over the space so that the food gets cooked thoroughly. Also, if you want to cook healthy and tasty meals with no oil, then this oven can give your healthy eating venture a great start.

This microwave oven offers an easy automatic defrost option, which saves your time and keeps your food fresh and healthy. At the same time, the overheating protection of the appliance ensures you cook safely every time. Also, there is a sensor malfunction protection that notifies you if the device breaks down due to any reason, thereby facilitating enhanced safety.


  • Ensures healthy, germ-free, and fresh cooking by removing stale odours
  • Convenient steam cleaning to get rid of grease and food odour
  • Easy multistage cooking with the different modes of auto-setting
  • Child lock to ensure your child’s safety


  • Pricey


For fast and healthy cooking for a large family, this microwave oven is simply a great option to pick.

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2. Morphy Richards 27 Ltr 27CGF

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The Morphy Richards 27 Ltr Microwave Oven is an excellent option to meet the cooking needs of your medium-sized family.

This home appliance comes with 200 auto-cook menus, which ensure hassle-free, customized cooking. With its 11 power levels, you can easily regulate the temperature as per your requirements for cooking.

The sturdy stainless-steel design of the microwave cavity facilitates uniform cooking and prevents power wastage. Also, the deodorizer in the machine ensures that there is no foul smell inside while cooking.


  • The stainless-steel design ensures durability for a longer time
  • Ensures less electricity wastage while cooking
  • Increased life of the magnetron
  • Comes with an overheat sensor for ultimate safety


  • It takes a bit longer to cook meals
  • Needs more improvement in the settings


The cooking requirements for a wide range of diverse recipes can easily be fulfilled with this microwave oven.

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3. Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC28H5013AK/TL, Black)


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Cooking is way easier when you have the Samsung 28L Convection Microwave oven with you. This microwave oven lets you choose from various pre-programmed recipes, which lets you enjoy flavorful dishes in no time. The fermentation function lets you enjoy homemade dough or curd at any time quickly.

With its Tandoor technology, cooking lovely tandoori delicacies is no more a challenging task to do. Prepare the perfect roti or naan with just one simple touch.

The appliance is very durable with its inside ceramic design. At the same time, the material ensures that the oven’s interior stays scratch-free with a smooth surface. Also, the unit is rust-resistant, which makes it last for a longer time.


  • Even large dishes can fit in to use every inch of the oven
  • The power defrost option lets you get rid of frozen foods quickly and evenly
  • 28L space is suitable for large families
  • Easily cleanable interior


  • A bit bulky
  • Power consumption is high


To fulfil your large family needs and enjoy quick, easy cooking, this appliance is superb.

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4. Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave Oven (NN-CT645BFDG, Black, Magic Grill)


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The Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave Oven is simply a great one to choose. With its unique Japanese technology, this appliance facilitates healthy cooking. Also, when you cook in this oven, getting the perfect taste and texture while retaining all the nutrients in the food is easy.

With its reheat technology, even leftover foods feel afresh and tasty within a few minutes. Also, defrosting can be easily done for any of your meals without having to wait long. Just click a button, and you are done!

This appliance comes with numerous cooking modes via its auto-cook menu feature. With a wide variety of pre-programmed recipes, a preset cooking time, and an easy temperature setting of this microwave oven, you can prepare instant healthy dishes.


  • Simple and tasty cooking with 101 auto-cook menus
  • Magic grill facilitates faster cooking
  • The airtight seal prevents heat escape
  • A very compact countertop design, which is easy to handle


  • The wattage required is high
  • Pricey


This convection microwave oven is simply great for those who seek various cooking modes for versatile cooking.

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5. LG 21 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2146BV, Black)


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When it comes to picking the best kitchen appliance, LG is always the most reliable brand. The LG 21 L Convection Microwave Oven cooks every food quickly with its all-in-one cooking feature. From roasting, baking, browning to pasteurizing, this microwave oven is a versatile choice to opt for.

With its highly compatible auto cook menu, it includes 175 Indian recipes. In addition, the auto-cook menu comes with a preset cooking time and predefined temperature. So simply select your favourite recipe, press the “Start” button, and enjoy tasty dishes in no time.

Besides, the concealed quartz heater of the appliance ensures safer cooking. It eliminates any potential risks related to hand injuries, which makes cooking more enjoyable.

With its stainless-steel cavity, the microwave oven facilitates enhanced reflection and uniformity in heating and cooking. The cavity is highly durable.


  • Comes with a non-stick multi-cook Tawa
  • Quickly prepares soft paneer, curd, ghee, and exotic Indian Rotis
  • Includes an oven recipe book
  • Features child-lock safety


  • Occupies a bit more space
  • The settings need more improvement


If you want to cook barbeque and charcoal grills at home and keep your food warm for about 90 minutes, then this oven is ideal for you.

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6. Godrej 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (GME 523 CF1 RM Plain Elec, Black)


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What about cooking some finger-licking, healthy, and tasty meals every day? Well, then the Godrej 23 L Convection Microwave Oven is simply a great pick. Through this oven, you can easily cook any oil-free dish, ensuring a healthy diet.

Now, giving healthy Indian Tadka to foods through its preset Indian cooking modes is much easier. Also, go healthy with a nutrient-packed diet as the unit ensures the best healthy cooking every time.

Making paneer, ghee, and curd is not anymore a task of spending hours. Instead, it is quick and convenient to prepare within a few minutes. Also, baking and dessert-making with this oven are simply great.


  • Includes versatile cooking method
  • Simplifies healthy cooking
  • The Child-lock feature ensures complete safety for your child
  • Includes international recipes with Insta-cook menus


  • Not much spacious
  • Lacks even and uniform cooking


To meet the requirements of a small family meal, this compact-designed microwave oven is the most convenient one.

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7. AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave (Black)


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For your basic everyday cooking needs, a compact microwave oven is of high priority. Hence, the high-end design of the AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave oven makes it a smart pick for your everyday usage.

This 23L microwave oven cooks all your daily dishes. At the same time, do some experiments with its baking and grilling cooking modes, which are highly convenient in every aspect.

This oven is made up of a steel body, which is simply great to prevent daily wear and tear damages. At the same time, the LED display panel of this unit lets you keep an eye on the food while cooking. Trying out various cooking modes like defrost, cook, grill, and bake are easier with this appliance.


  • Features a very sturdy and convenient body
  • Includes a large LED display so that you can watch out for any cooking faults
  • Comes with a child-lock safety panel
  • The timer in it makes cooking more convenient


  • Menu buttons need some improvement
  • Heating needs more depth and evenness


For small family needs, this microwave oven is simply a great pick with its basic cooking functions.

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Thus, pick a microwave oven, which rightly suits your healthy and faster cooking needs. Also, make sure the unit you are choosing can give you ease of maintenance and high energy saving so that you can enjoy a good value for your price.